Artist Philosophy:

Absurdism describes how we, as humans, desire order, purpose and meaning in life. As a result, we are left unsatisfied by the “silence of the universe” and its unwillingness to unquestionably provide us with such. With no life meaning, there is no point to live. Yet, suicide is also meaningless. This brings us to a position of existence where we are left living our lives with no meaning. The acceptance of this meaningless state of being alive supposedly leaves us existing in total freedom. Through my work, I examine the conflict of the individual’s role and search for the state of freedom in which Absurdism leaves us.  (Absurdism)

In our social positions, phantom communities, social constructs, expectations and indoctrinations put us on the stage to play a perceived intended role.  In the lifelong universal pursuit of meaning and happiness we find ourselves together on a stage in which we must ask ourselves if we can find truth in the role in which we are playing.  By observing and investigating common social scenarios, my artworks induce conversations about social conditions drawing attention to the need for change or at least acknowledgment of the effects of such conditions on and within the individual.


2015, My Titles are always in Pencil:  Projects in The Absurd

2017, Feeling and Filling Space:  A Finnish Art Experience and Gas Station Discos

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