Artist Statement:

Objecthood plays a vital role in the works I create.  My work measures relationships between ideas and environs.  The role of the individual object is always put into question through the creative juxtaposition of materials in which objects combine to create new functions.  I combine the use of readymade objects with unconventional materials to create an environment that promotes conversation.  Recognizable objects create a familiarity concept with the viewer that entices them to further inspect the work.  Through the use of everyday objects and easily recognizable materials, viewers are invited to consider each work, its components and the meaning given to the piece by the intentional combination of these objects and their new functions.  By shedding light on the absurdity of imposed social roles, viewers are prompted to ask themselves whether the role they play in life is merely a façade – an act – or if there is some truth in who they are and the potential of who they can become.